Bengali Cultural

Before the fusion wave turned into a tsunami and thrashed itself upon the millions of music lovers of Bengal, there was a distinct mellifluous voice that stirred the hearts and left a footprint quietly. For the nostalgic amongst us, the voice of Lopamudra Mitra defined the Jibonmukhi (contemporary Life-oriented music) in the female genre. The boldness of her voice stood apart amongst the popular saccharine voices of the 90s. From her robust depth in Benimadhob to her audacious interpretations of Tagore- Lopamudra Mitra has been the face of versatility and a true inspiration.

It is with great enthusiasm, LMBCS welcomes Lopa for the first time to the music-loving Bengali community in Vancouver.

As Ma Durga bids adieu, and the leaves turn into vibrant hues of orange and yellow, Lopa will bring her energy and vivacious voice to us on October the 13th Saturday at Bell Performing Arts Center. Apart from the primary attraction, we will also feature diverse performances by the local artistes of Lower mainland! We welcome all music lovers to come in and be enthralled in an unforgettable evening!


 Supriya Bhattacharyya: 788-903-3965

Anita Choudhury: 604-763-4820

Michael Mitra: 604-551-0073

Mrinmoy Halder: 778-855-7252

All patrons over the age of 1 years old must have a ticket in order to enter the auditorium.